Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE) at the National University of Ireland, Galway maintains a record of weather conditions in Galway, Ireland. The automatic weather station was installed in June 2010 on the roof of the Concourse building at the NUIG campus.

The coordinates for the weather station are:

  • Latitude: N 53° 16' 47''
  • Longitude: W 9° 03' 37''
  • Altitude of 21 m above the sea level

The weather station monitors the following weather data:

  • Dry-bulb temperature [℃]
  • Relative humidity [%]
  • Barometric pressure [mBar]
  • Wind speed [m/s]
  • Wind speed - 3s gust [m/s]
  • Wind direction [deg]
  • Total and diffuse solar irradiance [W/m²]
  • Rainfall [mm]

The weather station gives a reliable overview of the weather conditions in Galway and provides essential data for the research carried out at the University.
For more information on the weather data contact IRUSE (